Rade is a Principal at Finity based in Sydney. He was named as the joint 2023 Actuary of the Year by the Actuaries Institute. He is an US trained Actuary, and has 40 years’ experience in General Insurance specialising particularly in property pricing, natural perils, reinsurance, mutuals and co-operatives, agriculture, catastrophe risk modelling, public policy development, and climate risk. His main areas of interest include how changing population demographics affect catastrophe exposure, climate change adaptation, applications of catastrophe models for disaster planning in developing countries, building code development, and community resilience. 

Area of Expertise

  • Mutuals & co-operatives - prior to Finity, Rade worked for 30 years in a US based agricultural mutual, including 4 years as its CEO.
  • Natural perils
  • Reinsurance
  • Agriculture
  • Property pricing
  • Catastrophe risk modelling
  • Public policy development
  • Climate risk


Rade attended the 28th edition of the Conferences of the Parties in Dubai as the Head of the International Actuarial Association delegation.

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  • Mutuals & co-operatives
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