Finity Product - Vantage
Competitor pricing intelligence for intermediated insurance

Gain a deep understanding of your competitive position

Vantage provides granular competitor price information across intermediated insurance products.


Vantage harnesses Finity’s exclusive data partnership with a leading eCommerce    provider to provide real-world competitor price  information at an individual customer level. Reveal key insights on intermediated market competitor pricing as well as customer and broker behaviours to make more informed pricing decisions

Vantage allows intermediated insurers to

  • Better understand your competitive position

  • Inform pricing strategies

  • Strengthen broker relationships

How businesses are using Vantage

Compare your premium rates to competitors by segment and analyse how it impacts new and renewal policy volumes.

By incorporating a view of both profitability and demand with the aim of achieving the best balance between profitability and growth.

Observe trends in completion, referral and decline rates to look for ways to streamline the quoting process and increase growth.

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