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Make, test and deploy price changes within minutes

Take control of your pricing

Upgrading your rating platform and modernising your pricing approach has never been easier than with Finrater – the rating platform built by, and built for, insurance experts like you.


Finrater is a feature rich, self-service, modern rating platform that gives you all the flexibility you need, while still supporting you with strong governance controls. Anyone familiar with Excel can make, test and deploy price changes through the easy to use admin interface, without IT or external involvement.
  • Finity

    Make, test and deploy premium changes without IT involvement

  • Finity

    Self-service, easy to use admin interface for business users, complete with strong built-in governance and rate versioning

  • Finity

    Cloud based API technology integrates securely and seamlessly with your existing quote and policy systems

  • Used by large insurers, MGAs and start-ups across any line of business, Finrater can be configured to your specific needs

  • Finity

    Included ongoing support and competitive commercial terms reduce the investment and hassle of changing rating engines

  • Finity

    Backed by the insurance experts, with ‘off-the-shelf’ rates available to help you get to market quicker

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