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Finquote is the easy way to view competitor premium data at scale.


Finquote allows you to collect competitor data, design your own set of ‘customer profiles’ and retrieve thousands of insurance premiums across your choice of products and insurers. No need to manually query insurance websites anymore. Use what the experts use – Finquote.


Finquote easy and intuitive dashboards

  • Collect competitor data to assist one-off or recurring projects

  • Use competitor quotes to set, adjust or verify your own insurance rates

  • Large volumes of valuable data at your fingertips

How businesses are using Finquote

Finquote was used by a national multi-line insurer to support cross-selling of products to existing customers. 

  1. Using existing policyholder information from CTP customers, the insurer collected a large number of competitor premiums for Comprehensive Motor. 
  2. They then compared these competitor premiums to their own pricing and were able to create a laser-focused marketing campaign targeting customers for which they had an attractive offer – substantially increasing the probability of a successful conversion.
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