Map and analyse location-oriented data.

Access detailed demographic, climate & risk information for every Australian address

Central is a cloud-based visualisation platform showing detailed information for every Australian address. It combines some of Finity's leading products in one central location, and allows users to upload their own data at the same time.

Central snapshot

Welcome to Central

Learn how you can tailor Central to suit your unique business needs and get quick, easy access to targeted data and insights – all from a single, simple to use platform. 


Interact with mapped geospatial & risk data

The success of our individual product suite has inspired Central - a central location for insurers to gain fast, accurate insights across specific addresses.

View the landscape of attributes by overlaying pre-prepared heatmaps of our perils, building and socio-economic data at GNAF, meshblock and SA1 level.

Request a demo to preview the simple, user-friendly mapping interface.


Integrated insights

Central combines the power of finperils, finpoint, finaddress, rebuild and defin'd in one location.

  • Deep dive into the building characteristics of a single address using finpoint and rebuild
  • Understand your portfolio’s exposure to natural perils risk and how that risk is likely to be impacted by climate change using finperils
  • Explore the key characteristics of your customer base using defin’d
  • Upload some data of your own then finaddress will help tidy up your street address and provide a more precise GNAF for the mapping process.
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Combine geospatial products and datasets to enrich an understanding of customers.

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