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Monitor your price & product positioning

Understand the competition

Finesse provides easy, streamlined access to a wealth of insurance data across a vast number of insurance products.


Gain access to millions of insurance quotes and delve into easily digestible product benefit comparisons. With its easy-to-use dashboards Finesse allows you to understand your market position and clearly frame your personalised value proposition to customers.

Finesse dashboards allow you to...

  • Understand price and product positioning

  • Customise analytics and insights in one single, easy to use platform

  • Inform and validates pricing strategies

How businesses are using Finesse

An Australian-wide insurer uses Finesse to monitor price competitiveness on a weekly basis in targeted granular segments and cascades key movements up to senior management via standardised reporting generated by Finesse.


Detailed competitor data

Other insurers use detailed competitor data available from Finesse as key inputs into quote conversion and retention models to inform pricing decisions.


New market entrants

New market entrants use Finesse to determine where their offering sits in the market from both a price and product perspective – and update their offering accordingly.



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