Finity Product - Claimshero
The tool to stop claims leakage & lift performance

A holistic evaluation of your claims value chain

Claimshero is a secure cloud based platform that identifies claims leakage, identifies root causes and produces real time analytics to make your claims operations a hero.


Detecting and preventing claims leakage is top of mind for every insurer. Claimshero is designed by claims professionals to extract maximum value from claim auditing, leakage, and open or closed file review programs. Claimshero’s dynamic questions identify root causes that impact claims outcomes and produces real time analytics and reporting.

Benefits only a hero can deliver

  • Enables a holistic evaluation of your claims value chain

  • Mitigates claims risk and reduces costs

  • Targets complex claims business challenges

  • Monitors improvements over time

  • Replaces spreadsheets with tailored and efficient tools

Case study: How Claimshero is helping claims teams get on track

Read to see how Claimshero helped an insurer's claims audit program pivot to giving insights around claims quality and leakage.
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