Finity Product - Ais
Find the needle in your data haystack with artificial immune system

Detect abnormal data patterns, using best practice business artificial intelligence

Don’t let the difficulty of spotting anomalous data cause problems for your business. Finity’s Artificial Immune System (AIS) is a data defence system built on artificial intelligence operating like the body’s immune system. Developed by leading Artificial Intelligence experts, it uses a novel artificial network to model the joint probability distribution of any set of data in any industry.

By autonomously detecting abnormal patterns in your data AIS helps build defences against both known and emerging threats, providing your business with continuous monitoring, real time visibility, and a genuinely intelligent system that continues to learn as the nature of the issues evolve over time.

Data defence system

  • Applies artificial intelligence at scale to search your data for anomalies

  • Designed to spot complex multi-dimensional issues

  • Identify fraud and other abnormal user behaviours and automatically builds system immunity.

  • A natural self-learning process that is not anchored in the past

  • Offers real time 24/7 monitoring and alerting

How businesses are using AIS

  • Insurance claims screening: detects anomalous and suspicious claims and keeps fraud out.


  • Applications screening: detects unusual applicant profiles for insurance, loan or other types of financial contract applications.


  • Pricing automation: decides when automated pricing should be reliable or when policy attributes are unusual and pricing would be too uncertain.


  • Cyber security: protects websites by detecting, and alerting for suspicious traffic.


  • Digital advertising: detects digital advertising fraud when digital ads are being displayed to bots instead of real people.
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