Our unrivalled depth of industry experience has inspired a range of cutting-edge products focused on practical, commercially aware solutions that add value to your business.




Market Finesse is the industry leading competitor price monitoring platform that enables you to quickly and easily understand your price position in the market.

  • See competitive pricing differences
  • Customise, view and analyse relevant data
  • Track industry changes over time


Track market pricing across motor, home, CTP, motorbike, travel, pet, third party and commercial classes of business, from a number of providers covering most of the market in Australia and New Zealand.

View & filter quotes

Easily view a large pool of quotes collected online and allows you to customise reports and measures, filter quotes and gain key insights quickly through mapping and data-mining technology.

Data sources

Gain access to large data sources from outside the insurance industry.

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Andrew MacKessack

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Marcello Negro

Marcello Negro

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When a ‘deep dive’ into particular aspects of competitor positioning are required, FinQuote Bespoke is your simple ‘one-stop’ solution.

  • A self-service, bespoke solution
  • Simple quote basket construction (minutes, not days!)
  • Fast results
  • Industry-wide access

Volumes of data

Generate volumes of competitor information that would be impossible to collect manually in reasonable time.

Easy to use

Both Market Finesse and FinQuote Bespoke are easy to access and intuitive to use. Both can be tailored to your individual needs. Users are provided with a secure login to view data that you can save, compare, plot and benchmark.

In-depth analysis

Finquote Bespoke allows you to easily create in-depth analysis of competitor price structures.

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Andrew MacKessack

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Marcello Negro

Marcello Negro

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Mobile  + 61 410 529 952


Data to help you understand and find your best customers. Access sociodemographic characteristics for every individual in Australia, as well as their attitudes and behaviours.

Spend less, get more

What if you could spend less and target your customers more accurately? Defin’d data gives you two to three times more relevant cookies in you selected audience compared to conventional methods.

Different from traditional methods

Defin’d offers you unique insights which represent the entire Australian population giving you a deeper understanding of what your customers purchase, where they live, and their propensity to switch brands?

Customise your audience

You can customise your target audiences by selecting underlying traits and behaviours offering you a more homogenous group of individuals with a much higher likelihood of matching your target audience characteristics – ensuring you pinpoint the right customers and find more of your best customers.

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Vantage delves through the intricate maze of real world commercial insurance transactions to uncover key intelligence on market behaviour and competitor pricing for renewals, new business, quotes and more.

  • exclusive partnership with leading eCommerce solutions provider - Ebix
  • clearly understand your immediate market position
  • outsmart the competition and achieve profitable growth

Joining forces

Leveraging our unrivalled depth of industry experience in the Commercial Lines market, we have joined forces in an exclusive partnership with leading eCommerce solutions provider, Ebix (proprietor of the Sunrise Exchange and iClose systems).

Market insights

For the first time, commercial lines insurers can clearly understand their market position in the Commercial Lines intermediated market. Vantage gives invaluable access to price, behaviour and market insights needed for insurers to stay relevant, outsmart the competition and achieve profitable growth in the intermediated market space.

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Alice Huang

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Finity’s finperils is a natural perils risk model built specifically for pricing.

Navigating natural perils insurance can be difficult due to the infrequent nature of events and the lack of available data. Finperils helps you simply and effectively model weather and catastrophe claims so you can be confident that you are charging the right price for the right risk.

  • Identifies high and low risk locations
  • Industry leading approaches
  • Extensive research and investment

The right price

Finperils has been built specifically for pricing. Most products in the market focus on accumulation risk, with pricing being a secondary consideration. With accurate pricing being our primary objective, we deliver risk scores and premiums that can be directly used in calculating your premiums.

Build trust

Build trust with underwriters through transparency. Our models provide clarity around the risk drivers and how they were derived. This transparency enables us to build trust with your underwriters.

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Stephen Lau

Stephen Lau

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Imagine a future where information about a building, its surroundings and risk are available simply from its address …

Underpinned by data from PSMA Australia (including Geoscape), finpoint provides insurers with an array of building specific data, as well as key information to help understand its surrounding areas. By bringing together our insurance and geospatial expertise, we use this information to develop risk metrics to support insurers pricing.

Helping you get the most out of the data

Geospatial expertise

Navigating the spatial data for you

Insurance and pricing expertise

Providing insurance specific risk metrics

Implementation guidance

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Rade Musulin

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Pravesh Poona

Pravesh Ponna

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Marketvue (previously known as NCPD Market Analytics) is an online data subscription service designed to help insurers, reinsurers and underwriting agencies make informed decisions about financial lines and commercial liability products and strategies.

Marketvue offers easy access to reports and trends from large data sources including APRA’s National Claims and Policies Database covering public liability, professional indemnity and directors and officers for accident and underwriting periods from 2003. It also features a class action database with the latest information from publicly available sources - giving you deeper industry insights.

Identify trends

Easily identify trends across industries, occupations and jurisdictions.

Target segments

Direct your underwriting targets to profitable segments.


Benchmark your portfolio performance against the industry.

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Artificial Immune System

The Artificial Immune System (AIS) is the latest software product from Finity. The AIS uses a novel artificial network to model the joint probability distribution of a set of data. The network becomes the backbone of an intelligent system able to classify data appropriately identifying issues like fraud, leakage, abnormal user behaviour and discover emerging patterns in your business. This can be applied to a wide range of industries including...

Finance services


Digital advertising

Cyber security

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Paul Beinat

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Edward Owen

Edward Owen

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Nikolay Nikolaev

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