Finity launches its new Economic Advisory Practice

Date5th September 2023

Finity has announced it has established a new Economic Advisory Practice, bolstering its advisory services in high-demand areas such as critical infrastructure, climate and sustainability, in addition to deepening and extending its capability across key domains of health and general insurance, automotive and financial services.

“We are proud to announce that Finity’s new Economic Advisory Practice is open for business. We look forward to supporting our Government and private sector clients with advanced economic modelling delivered with the insight-driven and innovative approach Finity is well known for” said Finity Managing Director, Scott Collings.

Located in Canberra, Finity’s Economic Advisory Practice is headed by Dr Jiao Wang. Dr Wang has 17 years of experience in consulting focused on economics, labour markets, population projection and critical infrastructure interdependency.

“This new advisory service offers deep economics expertise, guiding clients as they contend with new and emerging social, political and macroeconomic trends and developing optimal strategies to navigate the economic and workforce impacts. Our Economics Advisory Practice is focused on providing both strategic and policy advice underpinned by evidence-based modelling, sophisticated analytics and domain-specific policy frameworks,” said Dr Wang.

“Transitioning to a net zero economy in order to tackle climate change will be both challenging and disruptive for many businesses in Australia and globally. Our Economic Advisory Practice will work hand-in-hand with our Climate and Sustainability Practice to assist clients in anticipating the impact of transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions on their customers and business, and to develop resilient strategies for the future.”

The addition of an economics practice is part of Finity’s ongoing evolution, which has seen 50 per cent growth in the past three years. Finity’s previous acquisitions include the artificial intelligence firm Deep Logic and the Health Insurance sector specialists DBN Actuaries.

Complementing its expertise across actuarial, analytics and technology, the addition of an Economics capability demonstrates Finity’s commitment to diversifying its services to align with the evolving needs of its clients in today’s challenging business environment.

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