Finity certified carbon neutral

Date14th January 2022

Climate Risk Update

Finity is proud to announce it has been certified as carbon neutral under Climate Active, the Australian Government’s certification body.

To become carbon neutral and achieve the Climate Active certification Finity is required to reduce its carbon emissions as much as possible and then invest in projects that reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere. All emissions generated by Finity are now offset by a diverse range of forestry and energy efficiency projects in Indonesia, Ghana and China, offering climate benefits and biodiversity and economic opportunities for these communities.

Becoming carbon neutral and achieving certification means that Finity is making a contribution towards a low carbon future. We recognise the importance of climate action and understand we have a role to play in environmental stewardship and reducing carbon omissions across our organisational footprint.

The Climate Active certification demonstrates to our people, clients and community that we are committed to climate action, strengthening the reputation of our climate practice.

Finity joins a collective of like-minded climate leaders, businesses and government – who are working together to protect our climate now and for the future.

Finity’s Climate Practice

Our climate practice help businesses integrate climate resilience into their business strategies and operations – to make sustainability a source of ongoing business value and competitive advantage. The team works closely with organisations helping them to understand the risks and opportunities arising from climate risk and decarbonisation and to develop smart climate risk strategies. Learn more

Climate Active

Climate Active is Australia’s collective initiative for climate action and is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action. Climate Active certification is awarded to businesses and organisations that achieve a state of net zero emissions – known as carbon neutrality. Learn more