d’Finitive: Motor Injury Insights December 2023

Date21st December 2023

The latest edition of Motor Injury Insights covers key updates in motor accident compensation, including premium changes, autonomous vehicle developments, and a roundup of motor injury news across Australia.

Premium Update:

In this edition of Motor Injury Insights, we discuss changes to Motor Injury Insurance (MII) premiums in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. Which states and territories saw the highest and lowest premiums?

Affordability Index:

We break down the MII affordability index – expressed as a percentage of weekly earnings – and what it reveals about affordability across jurisdictions.

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Autonomous Vehicles:

We outline recent developments in autonomous vehicles in Australia including Transurban and Plus partnership, updated guidelines for trials by the National Transport Commission, Austroads' report on infrastructure for connected vehicles, and a report from the National Transport Commission on law enforcement interactions with autonomous vehicles. We also take a look at research from Swiss Re and Waymo highlighting the potential for autonomous vehicles to significantly enhance road safety by reducing accidents and casualties.

Jurisdiction Roundup:

We provide our regular jurisdiction roundup – covering off the motor injury insurance issues of interest across the states and territories of Australia.

  • Insurance premium movements

  • Insurance market share changes

  • News from the state regulators

  • Legislative change regarding insurance

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