Automation to streamline operations & improve customer experience

Date10th May 2022

Case study

We worked closely with one of Australia’s largest insurers to create a web-based underwriting platform to help them streamline their insurance processes to reduce costs, improve customer experience and provide a competitive edge in an increasingly populated market.

The challenge

A large insurer needed to streamline their insurance processes, through the automation of manual processes and consolidation of multiple legacy systems. Our product experts assisted them by developing a new digitised commercial property underwriting platform.

The solution

The web-based underwriting platform allows users (underwriters, as well as operational staff) to efficiently and cost effectively complete the process of data entry, risk selection and decision making (underwriting), pricing, and document generation using one efficient centralised tool.

The business impact

By consolidating the insurer’s process into one tool (previously they were using 7) we were able to reduce the turnaround time to provide quotes back to their customers from days to hours, as well as improve their overall governance controls.