From manufacturing and supplier management to value-chain cost reduction, we work with automotive businesses to help improve productivity, enhance innovation, transform performance and build better mobility businesses.

Our focus

Our extensive experience with large OEM brands, dealer groups and Auto Financiers gives us a deep understanding of dealer and distributor processes, sales, strategy, product, operations, risk, pricing technology, finance and transformation functions across retail and wholesale automotive products.

Data Analysis Automotive

Empowering customer centricity with data science & analytics

By combining the latest innovations in AI, machine learning and data science with our deep industry knowledge we can help you put your customer at the centre of everything you do – to drive customer loyalty and ensure your business thrives. We can help you:

  • Improve customer service
  • Drive product and service enhancements
  • Transform operations and develop the full potential of your business using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Strengthen financial performance.

How we can help

  • Pricing strategy

    Implement the best risk/value-based pricing solutions as well as loyalty and customer lifetime pricing strategies for you and your customers.
  • Automation

    Harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate key processes including lending, collections and operations processes.
  • Customer & product insights

    Deep analysis of product performance and customer behaviours to drive your campaign strategies and increase sales.
  • Finity

    Risk & capital allocation

    Apply a business lens to capital management to support credit decisions and fraud detection.
  • Financial management

    Take your financial forecasting and profit analysis to the next level.
  • Compliance & regulation

    Analyse regulatory impacts and use insights to mitigate your business risks.
Automotive Strategy

Transform & accelerate into the future

Experienced with Australia’s largest OEM brands and dealer groups
End to end process understanding (including dealer & distributor processes)
Deep knowledge of sales, strategy, product operations, risk pricing technology, finance and transformation functions across retail and wholesale products
Combined 30+ years' experience in the automotive industry.


We worked closely with a large Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to build sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms and enhance their customer retention strategy.

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Ruwan Wijetunga

Ruwan Wijetunga

Sunil Patel

Sunil Patel

Finity are a trusted partner of Toyota Finance Australia with best practice insights and a team who know the industry deeply and work collaboratively with us to achieve our strategic business objectives.
Retail Customer Experience, General Manager
Toyota Finance Australia
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