Going for Green? Risk and Governance Forum 2022

Date: 22nd June 2022Time: 11pmLocation: Swissotel Sydney

Over 40 industry leaders gathered at the Swissotel in Sydney’s CBD to deep dive into how insurers can plan for a net zero economy and what this means from a risk and governance perspective.

As nations around the world slowly - but surely - firm up their commitments and begin taking action on addressing climate change, the challenge for insurers today is to anticipate what a net-zero economy looks like.

This year’s presenters at our Risk and Governance Forum included leading experts from climate, risk, culture and governance - Jacki Johnson, Sharanjit Paddam, Alison Drill, Alix Pearce, Elizabeth Arzadon - who discussed the risks and opportunities of a net zero economy for insurers including:

• What does a net zero economy look like, and why is it so radically different?

• What does this mean for our customers and the products and services we offer?

• Do we have the right culture to make the changes needed to go green?

• How are other countries addressing this challenge?

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