Pricing & portfolio management

Advice for personal and commercial lines insurers and banking and financiers – backed by market leading analytics modelling and strategy development.


Our focus

Our team of pricing experts helps insurers deeply understand their position in the market, and help to gain and sustain competitive advantage.


Core pricing models

Sophisticated statistical modelling and machine learning techniques balanced with the commercial imperative.

We build technical models for attritional cost, customer demand and competitor deconstructions, which underpin the pricing for many insurers and financiers in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to off-the-shelf techniques and bespoke machine learning algorithms designed for core components of pricing modelling resulting in enhanced predictive power, and ultimately better pricing outcomes.


Optimal pricing decisions

Our extensive decision support tools enable clients to make better informed pricing decisions.

An effective, transparent framework which harnesses the value of your full arsenal of predictive models is key to a value maximising process.

We have experience with a wide range of commercially available optimisation algorithms and can also offer a unique approach to price optimisation successfully deployed by a number of insurers, which consistently delivers improved business performance across a varied range of pricing objectives. 


Monitoring portfolio performance

We have a vision – the portfolio manager turns the computer on in the morning and the monitoring system gives immediate feedback about changes in the portfolio, or deviation from budget projections at a granular, segment level. With this ultimate goal in mind, our machine learning algorithms used for portfolio monitoring go a long way to making this a reality.

We hear about great BI systems that can be sliced and diced by any combination of factors, which lay unused by time-poor portfolio managers. Identifying changes in trend or deviation from projections by key segments saves a lot of time in identifying the “story behind the numbers”.


Model monitoring

Strong predictive models are at the heart of good pricing decisions - but the predictive power of even the best model can deteriorate over time as market conditions evolve. Knowing when change happens and how to quickly adapt models is essential.

We have developed a model monitoring framework for this purpose. This includes metrics developed specifically for model monitoring as standard model fit metrics are not necessarily commercially appropriate.

We also use machine learning techniques to identify poorly fitting segments, enabling efficient model augmentation. 


Portfolio & pricing strategy

We have access to unique industry data, bespoke templates and can help you answer strategic queries, such as; Should I expand my product range over the next 5-10 years? How? 

We take the time to learn your business and to understand your objectives, helping you consider important scenarios such as trends in competition, price sensitivity, market demand, regulation, vehicle safety, self driving cars, urbanisation and other social trends.


Partner with Australia & New Zealand's most experienced pricing & analytics team

Our pricing team has over 150 years of combined knowledge of the insurance market and have a vast range of relevant services, underpinned by market leading analytics and pragmatic, value adding advice that we've curated for pricing teams.

Nelson Henwood
Principal, Finity

Pricing tools to empower your portfolio management

  • Telematics

    Develop a telematics strategy that best fits your business plans and corporate objectives, utilising our proprietary telematics financial model to simulate a range of strategies and market responses. We understand the available data and how to source it and use it. Talk to us about business feasibility testing, product design and pricing.
  • External data expertise

    Supplementing your existing data, Finity can plug in powerful datasets and data products for insurers to gain a competitive edge. We work with you to determine which external data sets can enhance your predictive models and deliver better pricing outcomes. We use external data to explain trends and to understand your customers and your business in a way that you couldn’t previously.
  • Long tail pricing provider of choice

    We combine your portfolio expertise and our industry knowledge to understand market level risks, trends and real-world experience to help you make commercial pricing decisions. We'll tailor our projects to account for any legislative constraints.
  • Predictive modelling

    Access highly accurate predictions of customer behaviour. Used widely across the industry, we work with you to create custom or off-the-shelf models that manage claims costs, product demand and help you build a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Best practice rating algorithms

    Whether you are looking to a live model deployment or more traditional tables and co-efficient based solution, Finity can help design and populate a rating algorithm that will help to achieve your portfolio objectives. We can also assist with implementation across a range of providers and work closely with providers such as Earnix and Duck Creek. Finity also provides rating engine solutions (see Finrater) for clients looking for an easily configurable, flexible, cost effective rating solution. Talk to us about this rapidly evolving area.
  • Strategic advice large or small

    We advise start-ups to the largest underwriters in Australia and New Zealand to develop smart pricing strategies customised for your unique market position.

Meet some of our specialists

Wei Lin

Wei Lin

Nelson Henwood

Nelson Henwood

Simon Young

Simon Young


Commercial Lines pricing

The Commercial Lines classes present challenges, including poor, scarce or incomplete data, the impact of large claims and the greater variety in the types of risk being insured.

We recognise the importance of underwriter judgement, whether at the individual risk level or in setting book premium rates, and typically work closely with the underwriter in the course of our work in Commercial Lines.

Extend your pricing capabilities with our suite of data & analytics products

Finity offers a range of products to help pricing teams, product and portfolio managers to understand market pricing, risk and portfolio performance and to deliver pricing to market.

Practical insights. Innovative products. Infinite possibility.

Powered by smart, results-oriented people with unrivalled depth of industry experience, we can provide a unique perspective across a wide range of business challenges.

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