Liability valuation

We provide estimates of outstanding claims for insurers of all types and sizes, and also review estimates in a peer review role.


Make sound judgements about your business & its liabilities.

Our consultants have unmatched experience in valuing liabilities for insurers and schemes looking to meet regulatory requirements and gain a deeper understanding of their financial performance.


Meet your APRA requirements and gain a deep understanding of your liabilities.

Our advice is clearly communicated so that our actuarial valuations support strategic and operational decisions.


Our approach is crafted to meet your circumstances using:

Cutting edge actuarial methodologies
Robust models to analyse underlying claims processes
In-depth analysis of trends in the experience
Deep industry research by line of business

Abestos liability reserving

Assessing particular exposure profile and circumstances, we conduct valuations of asbestos liabilities and project future claims costs. We:

  • Benchmark your asbestos claims experience against comparable industry portfolios
  • Provide projections that use the most recent industry information
  • Consider changes in disease incidence and trends in the claims, medical and litigation environment
  • Access our deep research insights on asbestos-related disease claims arising from industrial, environmental and product-related exposures.

Risk margins

We regularly advise on suitable risk margins to include in liability provisions for both accounting and regulatory purposes. Our rigorous approach features:

  • A sophisticated methodology that integrates models of independent risk and systemic drivers of risk, as well as capturing the correlations between different sources of risk.
  • Understanding and capturing the impact of tail-risk exposures. 
  • Qualitative considerations.
  • Our extensive hands-on experience coupled with Industry research enables us to provide highly relevant benchmarking of risk margin outcomes for our clients.
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