Our team of economic experts delivers in-depth analysis and evidence-based advice to support business strategy, government policy and community development.


Understanding the dynamics of a complex and changing world

We offer sophisticated, integrated solutions to facilitate better-informed and robust responses to economic threats and opportunities. We draw from a pool of talented domain experts across insurance, climate and sustainability, banking and finance, and data science to help clients understand the complex economic landscape in an ever-changing world. Our team can help you understand and prepare for the impacts of economic shocks, environmental events, changing demographics, labour market challenges and supply-chain disruptions.


Delivering a breadth of insights to underpin strategic decisions

Our team has deep experience across economic modelling and analysis, environmental economics, labour markets, demographics, critical infrastructure, finance, defence and cyber security. This broad span of economic expertise allows us to unlock insights that can inform government policy, business direction and social outcomes.

We balance a research approach with industry best practice to deliver evidence-based analysis, supporting strategic decisions and their implementation.


Navigating climate and transition risk

Our Economics team work closely with our Climate and Sustainability team to provide integrated and comprehensive solutions, allowing you to understand how the impact of climate change and natural hazards can disrupt local and global economies and communities. Together, our Climate and Sustainability and Economics teams can help shape regulation and conduct detailed economic analyses of policy options, for example emissions trading, emissions targets and renewable energy transition.


Supporting the general and health insurance industries

Our Economics team enhances Finity’s market-leading insurance advisory offering by providing economic outlook, supply-chain and price analyses – informing optimal decision making across risk management and risk mitigation. We partner with general and health insurers to map out risk exposures, focusing on key drivers such as population dynamics, environmental events, economic activity and interdependency – at industry and regional levels.

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