Data Services

At Finity, we understand the value of data. We also see the challenges that get in the way of businesses finding that value.


Our data services

We help you find, organise, manage and gain insights from data to elevate your business and improve your customer proposition.


Take a data-centric approach

In today’s data age it is imperative that businesses are able to extract maximum value out of their data assets. Finity can help you bring a data-centric approach to your business and provide advice on end to end data management, organising data pipelines, data transformation and data enhancement.

A choice of data technologies

We always choose the appropriate data management solution to suit the situation, never a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our experts work with the very latest data management technologies to manage large scale datasets when high levels of performance and security are a priority for our clients.


Data governance that drives value

In order to rely on the insights, you need to trust the data and good data governance is vital to that.

Our data experts can support you in establishing a best practice data governance framework, bringing together and organising disparate sources of data, regulating quality and consistency, and managing data flow to provide a solid foundation for your business’ data management processes.

We know the data journey

Our actuarial and analytics background means we are prolific users of data of all forms. Part of our journey as a client service focussed firm has therefore been to invest in and build a high level of expertise in data engineering and management.

Our data service offerings

We can help you shape your overall data strategy and roadmap, assist you with choosing the right technology to suit your needs and design an appropriate data governance framework to help put you on a firm footing to make the most of your data.

We offer a range of curated data products to enrich the information available to your business. These are made available through secure web interfaces, APIs or directly integrated to your systems.

We have extensive experience in data modelling and analytics, including collecting and integrating data from multiple internal and external sources, streamlining data pipelines and achieving operational efficiencies through automation.

Why Finity?

As professionals who rely on extracting insights from data to advise clients, we understand the importance of building well designed data pipelines and integrating data flow seamlessly with existing processes. Good data plumbing is essential for your business to access a regular and reliable flow of data-driven insights.

Insights to inform & inspire

"Increasingly our clients are looking for data management and governance advice to support their in-house analytics, and to find better ways to use existing data or link to other sources for deeper insights. We have built such projects many times and understand the challenges and the range of solutions available.”
Linda Kemp
Finity | Senior ConsultantGet in touch

Our track record

Over the years our deep understanding of data and the increasingly data-driven needs of our clients has led us to develop a suite of market leading data products and applications. Many of the client projects we undertake lead to bespoke solutions that utilise our data engineering, data science and software development skill sets.

Developing data products & applications

Naturally complementing our extensive actuarial and analytics consulting services, this data skill set makes Finity the ideal partner to accompany you on your own data journey.

"Data is the heartbeat of innovation and drives businesses across the globe. We are driven by unlocking the potential of data, empowering our company and clients to make informed decisions, create transformative products, and revolutionize our world. Together, we bridge the gap between data and insight, weaving a tapestry of intelligence that fuels progress and drives us towards a brighter tomorrow."
Kadu Anastacio
Finity | Head of Data EngineeringGet in touch
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