Claims strategy & operations

We understand that one size does not fit all. We offer customised claims management solutions to help businesses mitigate risk and manage claims for all sizes across all general insurance classes.

Best practice claims management

We offer practical actionable advice to drive down your claims costs and improve your overall customer experience.


We believe exceptional claims management

  • Starts from the top, with the way the organisation sees its claims operations
  • Requires systems and resourcing that support proactive and strategic claims practice
  • Relies on meaningful analysis and measurement feeding back into strategy.

Claim file reviews

A claim file review can help you investigate claim leakage, understand emerging trends, inform strategy, and benchmark claims management against best practice principles. 

We have extensive experience in conducting claim file reviews, for both short tail and long tail portfolios, including statutory lines. Claims cost savings as much as 15% - 20% can be achieved by implementing recommendations from a targeted review of claims.


Government & statutory schemes

We provide practical advice to government and statutory scheme regulators. We can evaluate the feasibility of a proposed scheme or changes to a product. Our focus includes:

  • Scheme design and performance
  • Claims management and performance
  • Managing emerging market issues or market failure
  • Claims reporting and insights for workers compensation and CTP schemes.

Customer & market insights

Our team can offer actionable advice based on leading industry data. Whether you’re a small or large insurer – we can customise a bespoke solution to suite your needs.

  • Understand your business and get the market data and intel you need.
  • Industry analysis and insights
  • Customer behaviour and experience insights
  • Product performance analysis
  • Operational and industry benchmarking.

Insights to inform & inspire

Understanding value in general insurance guide

Finity and ANZIIF have produced the Understanding Value in General Insurance Guide - a quick and accessible guide designed to equip industry leaders with the knowledge and understanding of insurance fundamentals and how insurance businesses operate. The guide explores the four key categories of value creation for a general insurers.

Meet some of our specialists

Raj Kanhai

Raj Kanhai

Jacob Mamutil

Jacob Mamutil

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Geoff Atkins


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