Business Strategy

At Finity we understand that analytics is just the start of a better-informed conversation. Turning those insights into a business strategy is what ultimately leads to improved operational performance.

Access gold standard collaborative approach

Our unique approach means we are experienced in bringing together a diverse skillset to solve complex multi-disciplinary problems. We combine the resources of our experts in technology, data, statistics, analytics and actuarial science with the deep domain knowledge and strategic understanding of our management consultants giving you practical insights that will make a difference.

Drive your business forward with insights that are clear & actionable

Our team works with you to develop business plans which are grounded in strong analytics, reflect our deep understanding of market dynamics and leverage our sophisticated forecasting models.  Our customised financial monitoring tools can also deliver regular analytical insights while tracking progress against plan throughout the year.

Unlock innovation & business transformation

Using the latest technologies, we can help transform your business from strategy to development through to implementation. Whether it is to drive innovation, unlock value or simply make existing processes more efficient, we can help achieve tangible, lasting performance improvements and transformational success. 

Business analysis & insights

  • Deep insights into current insurance market dynamics

  • Clear, accurate & explainable financial forecasts

  • Data driven business insights

    powered by the best analytics and modelling
  • Customer segmentation, behaviour & experience insights

  • Product performance analysis

  • Operational & industry benchmarking

  • Navigating regulatory change

Working with you to solve your business’s biggest challenges is what makes us tick

Our business strategy consultants know how to harness best in class analytics to extract the insights and develop the strategic advice needed to support your financial and operational decisions.

Insurance strategy

Known for our deep domain knowledge of insurance, we work in partnership with you to support your business strategy and operations.

We partner with boards and management to develop and implement insurance strategies, review policies, organisational design, change management, business planning and risk management.

Our highly experienced team can guide you carefully through the licencing and consolidation process.

"Everything we do supports our clients’ business strategy. We work in partnership with our clients, we take the time to understand your unique business needs and ensure our advice is practical to help you make the best decisions."
Scott Collings
Finity Managing DirectorExplore the industries we work in

Meet some of our specialists

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Raj Kanhai

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Susie Amos

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Jacob Mamutil


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