Actuarial expertise

A comprehensive suite of actuarial consulting services. Our team provide world-class technical skills and professional advice across a wide range of business challenges.


The largest provider of actuarial consulting services

With 150+ actuarial staff we are Australia and New Zealand’s largest group of consulting actuaries, and in particular the largest in General Insurance and Private Health Insurance.


Harness the power of the actuarial skillset

Each year our team of actuaries help hundreds of organisations navigate their complex business challenges. Our training combines statistical and economic modelling with a focus on forecasting future events and understanding risks and uncertainty.

The discipline of the actuarial control cycle - analysis, modelling, forecasting and testing – underpins our work and is embedded in how we approach problems and communicate our advice. When combined with the deep domain knowledge our people bring Finity is uniquely positioned to unlock the power of the actuarial skillset for its clients. 

We provide actuarial services for

  • Government departments & agencies

    Federal, state and local
  • Private sector insurers

    From the smallest underwriting agency to the large diversified market leaders
  • Boards & executives across the organisation

    CEO, CFO, COO, CRO and CUO
  • Managers across the organisation

    Pricing, reserving, reinsurance, risk, capital, claims and product
  • In-house actuarial & analytics team

  • Climate & sustainability teams

    Looking to navigate climate risk mitigation
  • Corporates & other non-government organisations

    who self-insure their risks
  • Any organisation that requires the discipline of actuarial forecasting & analytics

    to underpin business decisions.

Leading actuarial services

Actuarial services have been the core of our business since we first started in 2005. Today, these skills are being applied across a wide range of market sectors beyond insurance, including automotive, climate, banking and health.


High quality advice

Finity is committed to providing actuarial advice that is of high quality, clearly communicated, commercial, practical and actionable. We always want our advice to add value to your organisation, and to achieve this we will collaborate and engage closely throughout a project to ensure we understand your business. 


Practical outcomes

We are naturally curious, we are interested in more than just building the best models; we want to understand why your business’ performance is changing and how this might relate to operational or environmental aspects. Ultimately we want to leave you with valuable insights and an understanding of how to improve your business.

Meet some of our specialists

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen

Estelle Pearson

Estelle Pearson

Scott Collings

Scott Collings

Principal & Managing Director

Our actuarial team

Finity has around 30 Principals who are Fellows of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (or equivalent). Our Principals are supported by over 120 Fellows and Associate actuaries. Our actuarial team works side-by-side with our management consultants, statisticians, data and software engineers and AI specialists to give our clients access to the broadest skillset needed.
"Finity has by far the largest team of consulting actuaries in Australia and New Zealand. Our scale brings an unrivalled depth of technical and subject matter expertise capable of the most innovative problem solving. Our collective experience readily translates into deep insights relevant to your business needs"
Scott Collings
Finity Managing DirectorRead our actuarial news & insights

Insights to inform & inspire

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