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Discover how technology can transform your insurance business and deliver competitive advantage.

Why technology transformation is necessary

  • Improving efficiency

    Data is getting larger, more complex and more diverse – deploying technology solutions that are ahead of these changes is key.
  • Meeting customer expectations

    A customer’s digital experience underpins their customer journey. Smart analytics ensure positive interactions with your business, creating a competitive edge.
  • Adhering to regulation

    Technology is critical to compliance with complex regulations – especially around data privacy and security – and to accommodating future regulatory change.

What does this eBook cover?

The role of technology for modern insurers

Outside its core functionality, technology – in whatever form it may come – should unlock value for an insurance business. Learn how technology can improve efficiency, facilitate accurate decisions and promote growth.

The three focus areas for technology transformation


Data transformation 

  • The importance of optimal data capture and storage
  • The technologies to consider in data transformation
  • How insurers can use data to unlock improved decision-making, reduced risk and the ability to identify new opportunities 

Platform transformation

  • How creating flexible and scalable technology infrastructure supports innovation
  • How platform transformation helps insurers improve their agility, scalability and security  
  • Navigating the top three business considerations relevant to platform transformation: monolith vs. modular, build vs. buy, team and skillsets 




AI transformation

  • How artificial intelligence can be used to automate tasks, improve decision-making and generate new insights 
  • How artificial intelligence can unlock the value of data assets 
  • How insurers can use artificial intelligence to improve customer experience, detect fraud and assess risk 

Transformation readiness template

Our checklist outlines the questions you need to consider to map out your transformation journey. Assess your organisation’s current position, its emerging needs and what it will require to continue to evolve into the future.

Finity: leading technology transformation

Our leading technology solutions combined with our deep industry knowledge deliver growth, innovation and efficiency. We are a trusted partner of tech start-ups through to large scale organisations – bringing your data to life with an actuarial approach, a practical lens and a human perspective. In consultation with you we can build tailored solutions and guide you on your unique technology journey.
We know that new technology can be disruptive. Sometimes you need to do something different, change a paradigm or shake things up. Technology transformation is therefore often daunting, and many organisations need a partner on this journey – a set of experts they can rely on. This is where Finity comes in.
Marcello Negro
Principal, Head of Product

Finity's product range

Our diverse range of insurance technology needs, delivering practical solutions which be tailored to a business' specific requirements.
  • Geospatial data

  • Risk pricing

  • Business operations

  • Understanding customer and market trends

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