Intelligent use of data to improve patient outcomes

With over 30 years of advanced analytics and data management experience, we understand the challenges facing the health sector - for today and tomorrow.

Our health analytics solution combines deep health sector knowledge with sophisticated data analytics designed specifically for the Australian public and private health sectors.

Health Analytics

Data - Health Analytics


Using varied data sources and a range of techniques and tools we provide a comprehensive view of health care activity across different profiles in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Health care expertise - Health Analytics

Health care expertise

We understand the unique challenges of healthcare environments working in partnership with both the public and private sector to provide data analysis and outputs that are usable, real and relevant to stakeholders.

Approach - Health Analytics


Our approach is simple. We combine your datasets with operational information and population data, merging with our advanced analytical tools and methodologies – to provide a common platform for management and clinicians to communicate and seek answers.

Health Analytics

The Person Centred Platform

Our unique Person Centred Platform uses advanced analytics to improve and enhance patient experience and outcomes. Too often valuable time is wasted sifting through multiple data streams trying to ‘connect the dots’ on a patient’s profile. Our Person Centred Platform amalgamates patient information into one clear dataset with key facts viewed on a single page – giving you immediate access to critical patient information in a simple-to-read format.

Health Analytics

Analytics for informed decisions

By providing a succinct view of multiple patient data in one place, the platform ensures front-line workers have key information at their fingertips to make the best decisions and enhance patient experience.

The platform’s broad analysis also allows users to review and monitor customer profiles and patterns of behaviour facilitating easy risk profiling, identification of trends, opportunities of improvement and anomalies.

For more information about the Person Centered Platform download here.

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